Did you know… People with Down Syndrome are NOT Always HAPPY?

This is a rare face, but I did catch it a few times!

This is one of the greatest misconceptions about Down syndrome; one I sadly believed before Coldon was born. After Coldon received his G-tube, he was always upset. I’m talking complete meltdown screaming that would pierce an eardrum, upset. I found myself asking other moms who had children with Down syndrome, “why isn’t my baby HAPPY?” They were nice about it, but corrected me quickly. After several trials with his g-tube, we figured out the tubes were irritating and hurting him. We finally found the correct size tube and his days became much better than in the beginning!

Our children are no different than typical children. Coldon is a little more sensitive than his brother and sister and this sensitivity makes him more content and genuinely “happy,” but he is NEVER happy all the time. I will also say of my three very different, but same aged babies, Coldon is the easiest one. However, he’s just a calm baby, it has nothing to do with having Down syndrome. He still has bad days, like all other babies, where he is inconsolable. When he is upset, it is a little more difficult to calm him down, but for the most part I can calm him, like I can calm Ella and Greyson.

Maybe individuals who have Down syndrome just appreciate the good in life and people, instead of focusing on the negative and this is why many of us think they are always “HAPPY.” Babies, children and adults who have Down syndrome have good and bad days, just like everyone else. Don’t let this common misconception lead you to believe they are any different.

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