Did you know 50% of children born with Down Syndrome have a heart defect?

According to ndss.org,  “abnormalities of the cardiovascular system are common in Down syndrome. Approximately half of all infants born with Down syndrome have a heart defect.”

I could explain the common abnormalities and their severity, but I don’t truly understand them to explain them yet. We are incredibly blessed Coldon has a healthy heart! We didn’t know he had Down Syndrome until he was born due to the fact his heart was perfect in all the prenatal scans. My doctor, who is an MFM, (Maternal Fetal Monitor) commented days before our trio was born, how perfect baby A’s Aortic Arch was, not knowing he had Down Syndrome. She never mentioned anything about Ella or Greyson’s hearts and theirs was perfectly healthy. (Knowing what I know now, I tear up when I think about the significance of my doctors comment.)

2 Month EKG & Echocardiogram

I had a very small idea about what Down Syndrome was before Coldon was born. I knew some people who had Down Syndrome, but I knew nothing about their diagnosis. When our Neonatologist told us he believed baby A had Trisomy 21, I looked at him like he had six heads. He had to clarify that Trisomy 21 was Down Syndrome. I then didn’t understand the capacity of how important it was for him to have a healthy heart. When we were informed in the NICU of Coldon’s echocardiogram being normal and he had no heart conditions, it still didn’t sink in. We thought, well that’s wonderful, but… we didn’t know. Now as I learn more everyday about Down Syndrome and have met families with precious babies and children who have Down Syndrome and have heart defects, I feel an incredible wave of relief, knowing Coldon has a perfect heart and I thank God everyday for it.  

Coldon had a routine follow with his Cardiologist in October 2018 and everything went very well! The technician commented how his Aortic Arch was textbook perfect. This makes me so proud to know our precious baby was so intricately design by our Lord; to be perfect to have the ability to brighten peoples lives!

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