Shopping with Purpose and Supporting a Small Business at the Same Time!

Margrit Co. owner Maggie and her brother Matthew.

Margrit Co. provides us this opportunity! Owner and Designer, Maggie Blair Dietrick, began Margrit Co., in 2014. Working as a buyer and merchandiser, Maggie needed a “change and creative outlet;” welcome, Margrit Co. Designed and created by Maggie, “all pieces are made out of cultured, recycled glass and matted to replicate beach glass.” I love seeing her posts each day, especially the pictures with a rainbow of colors! Her jewelry line is refreshing, unique and simple, but elegant; you can seriously wear them with anything. Oh, and its affordable…

I can talk all day about the beauty of her pieces and my favorites. I love all of them and you can see in her beautiful pictures, descriptions aren’t necessary to describe the pieces beauty. I want to share Margrit Co. and their purpose!

Maggie has a 17 year-old brother, Matthew who has Down Syndrome. Being a passionate advocate for her brother, through Margrit Co., Maggie employed Matthew as shipping manager.¬† She hasn’t stopped at simply employing someone with Down Syndrome, together in 2018, they created Down with Business; a “scholarship that provides mentorship, education and business start-up funds to individuals with Down Syndrome who want to become entrepreneurs.” 15% of all “retail sales” from Margrit Co. goes to Down with Business! Through the purchases made in 2018, Down with Business was able to award their first scholarship and I can only imagine how it felt to be able to give back to the DS community through this program.

Checkout Margrit Co. and Down with Business; Maggie’s story is incredible and inspiring and gives me a reason to shop with purpose and support a small business! The impact Maggie and Matthew are making in the DS community is incredible and I can only hope to follow in their footsteps to do my part to give back as well.

Lets support Maggie, Matthew and Margrit Co. this year and make purchases that give back!

Use code COLDON&KREWE21 for 15% OFF your first purchase!

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