Lucky Few Teether

Guys, I couldn’t wait to share these with you… especially if you have babies and toddlers who are teething.

Coldon’s Krewe enjoys promoting and supporting small businesses who support the Down syndrome community. One of these small businesses is HelloMyLoveDesigns, a teething essentials business owned by a sweet mama of two. Something many mamas’ struggle with, I struggle greatly with, is loosing who you are after having children. Yes our purpose shifts to caring for our special blessings, but we at times still morn loosing who we were before. Well, this mama needed “an out,” something for her (#selfcare is not selfish and is vital to being the best mom you can be.)

Welcome, Hello My Love Designs and the Lucky Few Crew! Through her journey of creating “teething essentials,” she became friends with a DS mom and quickly learned the Down syndrome community is misrepresented in the world of advertising. While working with DS families “promoting” her business, she created specific teether’s to help spread awareness of the DS community. The design she chose was “the lucky few” symbol. This symbol is incredibly symbolic to mama’s in our community, as it means “to rise up and move forward. I love this symbol, as it gives me an opportunity to tell someone about Down syndrome without directly approaching him or her with DS information. People want to know what the three chevron stripes mean; here’s the opportunity, the open door.

Coldon and his Krewe have been given the opportunity to work with Hello My Love Designs, sharing these teether’s with our friends! I ordered the “Lucky Few,” silicone teether in blue and the Lucky Few wooden teether rattle – hope. My only regret is I didn’t order more. I committed a triplet mom sin… I didn’t get three. You DON’T make this mistake with 12-month-old babies who haven’t learned how to share yet.

They didn’t put the teethers down all night. They were able to chew on the teethers in the back of their mouths, relieving pressure on their swollen gums. This is huge for babies with Down syndrome as their teeth come in randomly and usually start in the back. Not only is the shape great for reaching all of their gums, they are also softer than many other teether’s, but not to soft to not properly apply pressure to their gums.

My trio is teething hardcore right now and these are exactly what they needed. Checkout HelloMyLoveDesigns for all your babies teething needs, specifically the Lucky Few teether and rattle.

 Use code COLDONSKREWE15 for 15% OFF your purchase!

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