Greyson & Ella’s Homecoming

Greyson came home from the NICU at 19 days old and Ella joined him the next day!

One of the first questions I asked the doctors was, “how long are the babies going to be in the NICU?” This is probably the last question they want to hear. It’s like asking God how long you’re going to live; there isn’t an answer until it’s time. Their response, “when they’re ready to come home, wasn’t my favorite then, but it’s the best answer they could have given. Every baby is different and definitely doesn’t follow a chart.

Thankfully my trio was healthy, but their ability to suck, swallow and breathe at the same time wasn’t fully developed. This is something most new parents take for granted as a baby typically learns this coordination after 35 weeks in utero; I delivered at 34 weeks, 2 days. Greyson and Ella started a little slow, but eventually were taking more bottles than were gavage fed to them and after what felt like an eternity, we were surprised that Sunday morning when the NICU staff told us Greyson was ready to come home.

“Wait, we have to take him home?” We were terrified. Babies don’t come with a manual and we weren’t sure what to do if he didn’t take all of his bottles. I actually asked one of the nurses what to do if he didn’t, “should I bring him back to the NICU?” I can’t believe I asked this question; she looked at me like she was questioning sending a baby home with me. Well, Jay ran to Target and about 2 hours and $500 dollars worth of baby items we barely used, we were bringing Greyson home.

We were scared and excited at the same time, but I was incredibly emotional; I had to leave my other two babies in the hospital, over an hour away. Thankfully, the staff told me Ella was probably going to go home the next day, but as we walked away, Ella looked at me like I was leaving her forever. I also knew Coldon was nowhere near ready to come home. Sadly, this is the reality of having triplets; we feel like some of what is supposed to be the best moments of having a baby is stolen from us. Here I was, bringing my baby home after 19 days in the hospital; I should have been elated and only worried about bringing home a new baby but I was heart broken.

The next morning, we were sleep deprived but you wouldn’t have known by our excitement of possibly getting to bring Ella home. Jay’s mom stayed with Greyson and as soon as we steeped into the NICU, I ran to Ella’s crib and apologized for leaving her there. Ella passed her car seat test, (she had to sit in her car seat test for 90 minutes without complications) and now it was her turn to come home after 20 days.

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