Triplets are ending Lawsyndrome!

Yesterday, 4/15, Coldon’s Krewe had the pleasure of meeting with Congressman Steve Scalise in Metairie, LA.

I’m not sure if Congressman Scalise has ever had triplets in his office, but this was an amazing opportunity to show him that Coldon isn’t any different than Ella and Greyson! Coldon was babbling, squirming and wanted to inspect the office just as badly as his brother and sister did. They’re babies it’s what they do.

Our dear friend Hannah was also able to share with Representative Scalise, her recent acceptance to University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Hannah is planning the next chapter in her life as a Rajun Cajun in the fall! Hannah has inspired me from the moment I met her; in a world that says she can’t, she did; in a country with laws that says she can’t, she did. I am beyond proud of her and so excited for her to get the opportunity to go to college, chase her dreams and prove the world wrong. I know Hannah is going to leave an incredible imprint on everyone she meets!

This meeting was our opportunity to share our stories; show our legislators—individuals with disabilities are just as capable, just as important and just as equal as all other individuals. We’ve had the opportunity to TELL him why we are advocating for the antiquated laws of Lawsyndrome be changed— this time we got to SHOW him why!

Thank you Congressman Scalise for taking the time to meet with us and giving us the opportunity to introduce you to a set of triplets with a “little something extra” and to an incredible self-advocate who is defying society and taking the next step in life as a college freshman.

As your constituents, we hope to see your support on these bills and in our community: so I don’t have to tell Coldon he can’t go to college, achieve the career of his dreams or get married; so Hannah can continue living out her dreams and so Craig can legally marry his wife, Heather, in his church before God, their friends and family.

Together with your help, we can end #lawsyndrome!

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