October 2 – What is Down Syndrome?

What is Down syndrome? The medical term is Trisomy 21; a genetic condition where an individual has a third copy of their 21st Chromosome. They literally have “a little something extra!” 

Fun fact about Down syndrome: there are three different types of Don syndrome; no -disjunction (most common type), translocation (only type that’s inherited) and Mosaic (most rare type). I’m going to elaborate more later in the month, so keep following to learn more!

Another fun fact about Down syndrome is that it’s completely random! It’s unknown which parent the “mutation” comes and DS doesn’t discriminate; it occurs in all races and socioeconomic classes.

So… that’s technically what Down syndrome is; the pictures below are what Down syndrome is to me! A sweet and silly, mischievous and determined little boy. It’s a 20 month old toddler learning about life one mess at time. Down syndrome is more challenges and a lot more doctors and early intervention therapy, but it’s also in-conditional love, JOY and a patience and kindness that can’t be taught!

Down syndrome is not Coldon; he just happens to have it— “ little something extra!”

For more information, visit the National Down Syndrome Society

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